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"Most people think of success and failure as opposites, but they both are products of the same process."
- Roger von Oech

The larger the organization and the more its activities are expanding, the greater consideration should be shown to the process management of the organization and the optimisation of such processes since this directly influences the business management and the quality of the services and the production. To optimise the processes, first, it is essential to know them and to properly operate them.

Description. The specialists of our company will help your organization or company to identify the existing basic and auxiliary processes, systemize them into the process scheme, work out the descriptions of all the processes and necessary procedures, the employees’ job descriptions, and, if necessary, advise on amendments of the organization chart. Also, they will prepare the order (procedures) of such amendments and updating. Upon the client’s request, the whole process management may be transferred to special software that will ensure effective and timely process management at minimum labour costs.

Results. The existing processes of the organization identified, described and optimised; the scheme of the processes and procedures worked out; the organization chart updated according to the processes; the order (procedures) of the amendment and updating of the processes defined; the employees’ job descriptions prepared.

Terms. The optimisation of processes in the organization might take ten to twenty weeks. Specific completion dates will depend on the existing state of the process management system, the size of the organization and the number of processes in the organization.

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