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„One accurate measurement is worth more than a thousand expert opinions.“
- Admiral Grace Hooper

Description. Every company or organization, despite its type or size, requires a well-defined and well-proportioned system of business measurement comprehensible at all levels of the organization. However, it is not sufficient to just accumulate the measurement data since to ensure effective management every company must plan and develop its business, and integrating all these elements into one system, a tool – performance management system – is obtained that enables realization of the company’s strategy where its business is being managed through the planned objectives of individual employees or subdivisions as well as ensuring their required competence.

The performance management system is introduced on the basis of the methodology of the balanced scorecard the popularity of which is rapidly increasing worldwide.

We recommend that this system should be introduced by means of special software that facilitates the administration of the system and ensures ultimate automation and benefit of the business management process.

Our consultants will not only help to introduce the performance management system but also assist the management and employees of your company or organization in mastering the principles of its operation as well as its potentialities.

Results. An opportunity to watch and assess not just the implementation of the financial goals of the whole organization or its individual employee; ensuring equal perception of the strategy at all levels of the organization and directing the efforts of all the employees towards its implementation; an opportunity to relate the incentive system and the implementation degree of specific objectives.

Terms. The introduction of the performance management system usually takes place six to twelve weeks depending on the state of the existing business measurement system, the existing structure, the number of the employees and processes in the company or organization as well as the efficiency level of the external and internal communication.

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