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Consulting on all the matters regarding the preparation of your BUSINESS PLAN covers everything from the consulting of individual clients who intend to work out their business plan by themselves to a complete preparation of your business plan.

Description. We assist our clients in working out a quality, realistic and up-to-standard business plan that would help to get additional financing, to ensure explicit activities in developing your business, and to assess the progress.

Results. A business plan presents a clear and circumstantial view of the profitable business perspective and helps to follow up, control and assess the progress of business. Confiding the preparation of your business plan to our company you will save some of your precious time to be consumed analyzing the subtleties of the preparation of business plans. We will ensure high quality of your business plan, its practicality and conformance to all the requirements, as well as assist you in its mastering and realization.

Terms. The preparation of the business plan usually takes from several weeks to several months depending on the scope of the project, the business field, the client’s participation, the need of market research, etc.
In each case, a decision closest to the client’s demands and the situation itself is being taken, and it is based on the terms, the client’s determination and position to participate in the preparation of the business plan, the business field and, of course, the objective of the business plan.

The main packages of our services according to the client’s participation in the process of the preparation of business plan are as follows:

A complete preparation of the business plan
Consulting on the preparation of the business plan and the service of ensuring the quality
The preparation of the business plan using the client’s data
The assessment of the business plan


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